Why hire professional cabinet painters

Why hiring pro cabinet painter is best when it comes to painting cabinets in columbia Mo.

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Cabinet painting is an option if you want to give your kitchen a fresh look and increase the all around value of your home. The right color can transform your kitchen area and give it a different look. On the same note, you can finally get rid of all those scratches, scuffs, and distressed areas, so your cabinets are refreshed and you will get that new feel.

After you finally made the decision to your cabinets, how do you approach the job? And should you hire a professional painter instead of trying to tackle a major painting project? 

What we think Sherwin Williams is the best Paint to Use When Painting Kitchen Cabinets.

When painting cabinets, you can’t use the same painting products that go on your walls or other areas in your house. You need a paint that is durable, since the cabinets take a lot of abuse. Otherwise, your newly painted cabinets will not hold up long do copious use. 

When it comes to the sheen you are going to want to pick Semi Gloss, since its durable and easily washable

Do we sand?

We make the effort to wash and sand your cabinets every time. This helps to terminate any scratches or imperfections, but also preps the cabinets so the primer better adheres to the surface and to be honest that's the most import part. Washing and sanding can make or break the life and look of the cabinets. . 

How long does it take for pro painters to paint cabinets in Columbia, Mo?

When hiring a professional like A-1A professional Painting it usually takes us few days. The exact number just depends on several variables, such as the size of your area, the number of cabinets, the shape your cabinets are in and so on..

If you decide to paint on your own cabinets, you’ll want to plan for several weeks of work, especially if you aren’t setting aside vacation time from work for this project. With extensive prep time needed, along with patience during the painting and drying process, you’ll need to plan for lots of time. 

  • Removing and marking all doors and drawer fronts
  • Cleaning everything so primer and paint adhere right
  • Sanding carefully without going too far
  • Knowing what paint product that’s durable for kitchens
  • Using a sprayer to avoid drips, brush marks, and strokes

Why Hiring a Cabinet Painter is the best choice?

If you hire a reputable cabinet painter, you can avoid all these mistakes, get the cabinet painting done a lot faster, and achieve a more beautiful and durable end result. It might cost more money at the end, but it pays off and adds value to your home . 

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